Why I Joined the AML RightSource Team

Over the last 35 years, I have primarily been in the business of providing data and technology solutions to a wide range of financial institutions. It has been a rewarding journey to be able to assist countless financial institutions with information and cutting edge technologies to improve operational and AML and Sanctions compliance efficiencies.  However, as with most things in life, it’s always execution that makes the difference.  Technology and information are only as effective as the quality of the human capital putting it to use.


It has been my experience that most, if not all, financial institutions struggle with the human capital elements of their AML and Sanctions compliance programs. The old business model for detecting, investigating and reporting financial crimes cannot continue to function efficiently, without a paradigm shift away from each financial institution trying to manage 100% of its AML/Sanctions compliance human resources. Whether it’s recruiting, training, management, or retention, the end result is inevitably backlogs of incomplete work, archives of analyses requiring rework, and in turn regulatory vulnerability.  It sometimes can take the shine off of selling data and technology solutions when you know that your customer may not have a team that has the training and experience to make the most of the financial institution’s newly acquired technical capabilities.


Financial institutions have long gained efficiencies by utilizing outside resources for technology, education, training, modeling, and testing, yet, for some reason, the industry seems extremely reluctant to consider the numerous efficiencies gained through the utilization of external staffing solutions. So, being able to join the AML RightSource team is really exciting because the leadership at AML RightSource understands that the AML/Sanctions industry needs to move beyond the old AML compliance business model. With my past experience in technology and data solutions, and with the help of all of the outstanding people at AML RightSource, I believe I can help to shift the paradigm in the AML Sanctions space to include a more specialized staffing solution.


I am looking forward to sharing some of the very creative and flexible ways your institution can utilize AML RightSource’s staffing solutions, and more importantly I am excited about the future good I can do here in my role.

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Tim White

Tim White

Mr. White is Vice President, Business Development and Sanctions at AML RightSource. With veteran experience within the banking and financial services sector, Mr. White has specifically focused on OFAC, international sanctions, and BSA compliance. Mr. White is an OFAC/Sanctions specialist and has consulted and trained on the topics for several government and private initiatives. He has spoken at many notable conferences, including ACAMS and ABA events, and has published articles in the ABA Bank Compliance Magazine, ACAMS Today, and Western Banking Magazine. Mr. White earned his Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from the University of Iowa.

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  1. Avatar Doug Keipper on May 29, 2019 at 10:28 am

    Tim, Congratulations on your new role.

    Doug Keipper, CAMS
    BSA/AML Investigator III, Financial Investigations Unit
    AML Continuing Education Coordinator
    SunTrust Bank
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