Employee Recognition

This month AML RightSource started a new initiative to recognize employees who are going above and beyond. Employees who are recognized each month for their efforts are called “Rock Stars”.  

John Ellis, Partner of AML RightSource, is heavily involved in talent acquisition and personnel development at the firm. He is always looking for ways to make AML RightSource a better place to work and is excited about the new program. 

“When it comes right down to it, all most people want out of a job is to be compensated fairly and to feel appreciated for their work. It’s relatively easy to get the financial part right. With almost 300 people spread out across the country it’s more difficult to make people feel appreciated in a meaningful way. The Rock Star program gives us the opportunity to recognize our over-achievers in a public forum as well as give us an excuse to get away from our screens and socialize. The feedback from our Cleveland event was very positive. Our Phoenix office has initiated a similar “Cactus Champion” program to recognize about 10 analysts in our west coast operations. We’re heading in a good direction.”

Congratulations to the January Rock Stars!

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AML RightSource is the leading provider of AML/BSA and financial crimes co-sourcing solutions. With over 900 AML/BSA professionals, AML RightSource assist clients in meeting their AML/BSA regulatory demands. The company’s current services include transaction monitoring, alert backlog management, enhanced due diligence reviews, fraud, and financial crimes advisory services. AML RightSource, a Clarion Capital Partners portfolio company, is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and has additional facilities in Ohio, Arizona, New York, and Mississauga Canada.

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