Tim Murphy

An Evaluation of the House Financial Services Committee in 2019

By Tim Murphy | January 2, 2019

With the first meeting of the 116th United States Congress near, by now lawmakers have surely dried off from that November wave. As you’ll recall, cresting that swell was a mix of new and old characters who are currently jostling for various leadership positions as Democrats regain control of the House of Representatives. And, while the shakeout (or shakedown) continues for many coveted positions, leadership of the House Financial Services Committee has never really been…

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Compliance From the Start(up)

By Tim Murphy | October 19, 2018

Compliance From the Start(up) At least two or three times a year you are hooked on a featured profile piece from a business magazine or Sunday newspaper about a hot new startup and its radical leadership team, right? You know the piece. No one saw Startup X coming and now X is about to set our tired institutions ablaze and build on the ashes something that forever changes the way we live. And, they’re just…

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A virtual currency guidance and advisory issued by the U.S. Treasury Department’s anti-money laundering (AML) unit may set a new global standard for combating financial crime. hubs.ly/H0jhTJc0

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