Diane Dylinski

Triangle Fraud: A Crime with Triple the Number of Victims

By Diane Dylinski | December 11, 2019

Triangle fraud involves a unique twist on the sale of stolen goods. This fraud gets its name from the crime resulting in three different parties falling victims to the scheme: a cardholder, a merchant, and a buyer. The maneuver is made deliberately complex to obscure the criminal’s identity and make it difficult to follow the flow of funds. To understand why triangle fraud exists, one must think like a criminal. Tangible goods purchased online must…

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The Cloak of Technology: Rising to the Challenges of Online Banking and E-Commerce

By Diane Dylinski | July 2, 2019

The last two decades have seen a virtual explosion in online financial activity. Widespread adoption of applications (apps) running on smart phones and tablets offer a new level of portability and faster funds transfers. Customers can link bank accounts, credit cards and debit cards to apps to facilitate payments from any location. The inevitable tradeoff for this convenience is that criminals are now hiding behind the cloak of technology in their attempts to quickly move…

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