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June Employee Spotlight: Diane Knight

By AML RightSource | June 1, 2019

AML RightSource June Employee Spotlight: meet Diane Knight! Ms. Knight is a manager in the AML RightSource Phoenix office with over 29 years of banking experience, 15 years of it within the AML industry. Prior to AML RightSource, she served in multiple roles from a branch banker to a Senior Internal Auditor with the last several years as a manager over a team of individuals conducting investigations concerning international transactions, digital currency, law enforcement and…

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Illicit Funds in Terrorism Ebook

By AML RightSource | May 28, 2019

Organized crime and terrorism groups both rely on laundered money to fuel their operations. If left unchecked, these organizations can cause massive economic damage and even lead to the loss of life. It’s up to financial institutions to understand how terrorist organizations raise, move, and use funds in order to disrupt their cash flow and prevent future attacks. This ebook will give you a detailed look at the terrorist-funding landscape and provide you with actionable…

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AML Conversations: The importance of training prosecutors with Elliot Casey from the Virginia Commonwealth’s Attorneys’ Services Council

By AML RightSource | May 23, 2019

Welcome to this episode of our podcast series, AML Conversations. In this edition, we dig deep into how prosecutors in the Commonwealth of Virginia get trained on many areas of law, including financial crime. Vice Chairman John Byrne’s guest, Elliott Casey, a former prosecutor himself, now trains law enforcement officials (prosecutors and investigators alike) on such disparate issues like digital evidence, forfeiture and complex financial crime. Casey also shares his views on the civil safe…

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AML Conversations: Live, from Hollywood, FL!

By AML RightSource | May 6, 2019

Welcome to this episode of our podcast series, AML Conversations. In this edition, we join AML RightSource Vice Chairman, John Byrne as he moderates a live panel of veteran AML experts during the 2019 ACAMS 24th Annual International AML & Financial Crime Conference in Hollywood, FL. The panel, made up of Chuck Taylor – AML RightSource Executive Vice President and Head of Financial Crime Advisory, Rick Small – BB&T Executive Vice President and Director…

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May Employee Spotlight: Kelly Browne

By AML RightSource | May 1, 2019

AML RightSource May Employee Spotlight: meet Kelly Browne! Ms. Browne is an Associate Manager in the AML RightSource Phoenix office with several years of anti-money laundering experience. Prior to joining AML RightSource, Ms. Browne primarily focused on her background in law, practicing in the states of New York and New Jersey. She has completed legal work for clients including the NYPD, Bronx District Attorney, New York Division of Human Rights, and the federal courts of…

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AML Conversations: Cyber Security – Education, Awareness, and Defense

By AML RightSource | April 21, 2019

Welcome to this episode of our podcast series, AML Conversations. In this edition, AML RightSource Vice Chairman John Byrne sits down with Dr. Thomas Kaczmarek, Director of the Center for Cyber Security Awareness and Cyber Defense, at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In their conversation, John and Thomas talk about the myriad of challenges facing the AML community, and the importance of recognizing how to combat cyber threats through communication and collaboration with all relevant…

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Senior AML Trainer

By AML RightSource | April 19, 2019
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AML Conversations: 100 Years of IRS CI: A Tribute

By AML RightSource | April 10, 2019

Welcome to this episode of our podcast series, AML Conversations. In this episode, AML RightSource Vice Chairman, John Byrne, sits down with the Chief of the IRS Criminal Investigation Division, Don Fort, to talk about a number of important elements in the AML community. John and Don discuss private-public partnerships and how essential it is for law enforcement and their counterparts in the private sector, to work together. Don also talks about the value of…

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AML RightSource Announces Formation of Advisory Board

By AML RightSource | April 3, 2019

AML RightSource is pleased to announce the formation of its Inaugural Advisory Board to convene semi-annually starting in the first quarter of 2019. The purpose of the Advisory Board is to provide AML RightSource and the overall AML community with advice, counsel, and thought leadership on a variety of issues including enhancing global anti-money laundering (AML) and financial crime prevention practices and promoting private-public partnerships throughout the globe. The three initial members— Nicolas Choules-Burbidge, Marilú…

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April Employee Spotlight: Mike Schidell

By AML RightSource | April 2, 2019

AML RightSource April Employee Spotlight: meet Mike Schidell! Mr. Schidell serves as the Director of Training at AML RightSource. In this role, Mr. Schidell is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company’s training department with particular emphasis on the development and execution of all new hire and continuing education curriculum. Through this training curriculum, Mr. Schidell ensures that all employees have the proper skills and knowledge to succeed in their roles with the company. Since…

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