The Financial Crimes Advisory practice provides consulting services to clients across the financial services sector.

The practice is led by Partner, Vic Maculaitis, and is based out of the AML RightSource Phoenix office. Expertise includes the following domains and disciplines: 

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) programs

  • Economic Sanctions

  • Cyber Crime

  • Combating the Financing of Terrorism

  • Financial Intelligence (FININT)

  • Anti-Corruption and Bribery

  • Bank Fraud


The Financial Crimes Advisory practice develops and deploys strategies to counter financial crimes and illicit financial threats.

Below are three examples of the Financial Crimes Advisory practice's capabilities. 


AML RightSource's client, a regional bank, sought assistance with an overhaul of its AML/BSA policies and procedures at the direction of its federal regulator. AML RightSource deployed a team of subject matter experts to analyze, among other things, the bank’s current procedures and compared them to current regulatory standards and industry best practices. As a result, AML RightSource provided the bank with a new, comprehensive policy document that the bank plans on using to grow and strengthen it’s AML/BSA program. 


AML RightSource created an enterprise wide AML/BSA risk assessment (“EWRA”) for a large regional bank that was under a formal action by its federal regulator. AML RightSource provided a qualitative and quantitative review of the banks’ customers, products, services, geographies, and other known risk indicators. The EWRA AML RightSource provided will serve as the banks’ AML/BSA programmatic guidepost for transaction monitoring, customer due diligence, watch list filtering, and staffing for the foreseeable future.  


A mid-sized regional bank required assistance with the selection of a new transaction monitoring system and needed assistance with selecting a software vendor, scenario selection, setting thresholds, and developing workflow processes. AML RightSource served as the bank’s project manager through vendor selection and implementation. Additionally, AML RightSource completed a threshold testing and tuning cycle enabling the bank to accurately set criteria at which alerts would be generated. AML RightSource also provided detailed documentation for the transaction monitoring software model validation process for the bank’s third-party auditor. 


Financial Crimes Advisory Practice Team

Vic Maculaitis

Vic Maculaitis


Vic Maculaitis is the Partner in charge of the Financial Crimes Advisory practice.

He is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and has over 14 years of experience with multiple financial service firms and the United States Government.

He is an expert in strategic policy and operations within the financial crimes risk and compliance space.

Mr. Maculaitis holds an Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice from The University of Akron, a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Walsh University, and has completed graduate work in Strategic Intelligence at American Military University. 

John Wintrow

John Wintrow


Mr. Wintrow is a Manager within the Financial Crimes Advisory practice. He is a Certified International Crime Prevention Specialist (ICPS) with over 30 years of collective law enforcement, military, and intelligence community experience; spanning both corporate and government arenas.

Mr. Wintrow formerly headed threat intelligence and investigations and designed an extensive data analysis platform aiding trend analysis and anomaly detection of targeted terror threats. Mr. Wintrow is also a global leader in the domain of foreign terror organizations' exploitation of social media and headed counterintelligence efforts for a federal government agency. Mr. Wintrow has taught graduate courses in Criminal Investigations, Counterterrorism, and Management of Cyber Investigations.

Mr. Wintrow obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration from Ottawa University and holds a Master of Arts in Strategic Security Studies in Counterterrorism from National Defense University, College of International Security Affairs. 

Sabeen Baakza

Sabeen Baakza


Ms. Baakza is a Senior Advisor within the firm’s Financial Crimes Advisory practice. She is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), with over five years of experience in complex and high-profile anti-money laundering (“AML”) and financial intelligence matters.

Ms. Baakza’s subject matter expertise spans investigations involving exploitation of an array of financial products and services to perpetuate terrorist financing, multi-million-dollar investment-related Ponzi schemes, child pornography, human trafficking, narcotics/cigarette trafficking, money laundering through virtual currencies, and political bribery and corruption, among others. Ms. Baakza’s current responsibilities include directly engaging with clients to enhance their understanding of BSA/AML needs, developing client work product, and delivering clients BSA/AML-related strategies and solutions tailored towards their individual institutions.     

Ms. Baakza holds a Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology of Brain, Behavior, & the Cognitive Sciences from the University of Michigan and obtained her Juris Doctor from Thomas M. Cooley Law School at Western Michigan University.


Samantha Mucha

Samantha Mucha


Ms. Mucha is an Associate in the Financial Crimes Advisory Practice. She has experience with transaction monitoring, alert resolution, case investigation, Enhanced Due Diligence ("EDD") reviews, Suspicious Activity Reports ("SAR"), and other AML/BSA projects.

Ms. Mucha has participated in multiple projects where she conducted periodic reviews for financial institutions with assets ranging from $1billion to $134 billion. She has also been an integral part of developing AML/BSA transaction monitoring procedures, enterprise-wide BSA/AML risk assessments, and tuning/optimization exercises for BSA/AML software.

Ms. Mucha holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, Spanish, and Political Science from Baldwin Wallace University and obtained her Juris Doctor from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University. Ms. Mucha is a licensed attorney in the state of Ohio, is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), and a Certified Financial Crime Specialist (CFCS).