A strong transaction monitoring program is the backbone of a reputable AML/BSA compliance department.

Our team of nearly 600 professionals, who are trained and employed by AML RightSource, can provide you with the bench strength necessary to support your transaction monitoring program.

  • Alert/case backlogs

  • Business as Usual ("BAU") staff augmentation

  • Case investigations

  • Suspicious Activity Report ("SAR") preparation

  • Currency Transaction Report ("CTR") filing and documentation

  • Watch List Management ("WLM")

  • Lookback/Remediation staff augmentation

  • State of the art transaction monitoring workflow metrics and reporting

  • Project assistance

AML RightSource provides transaction monitoring and alert resolution assistance in multiple ways. 

The following are three examples of AML RightSource's capabilities.


Prior to an examination, a regional bank required AML RightSource's assistance with the adjudication of approximately 5,000 transaction monitoring alerts. AML RightSource, working remotely, deployed a team of nearly 20 professionals to adjudicate the alerts within 45 days, while identifying and escalating potentially suspicious activity to the bank’s investigators for further review. Upon review, neither internal audit nor the bank’s regulator found any deficiencies in the work of AML RightSource.


A large regional bank contracted with AML RightSource to provide, among other things, a review of cases for disposition while the bank was under a formal action with its regulator. AML RightSource analyzed each case and determined whether the case contained potentially suspicious activity that warranted the filing of a Suspicious Activity Report (“SAR”) with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. Once the case review was completed, AML RightSource continued to provide the bank with ongoing case disposition work as part of the bank’s Business as Usual ("BAU") process.  


A client of AML RightSource, a regional bank, acquired a bank with a higher risk customer portfolio, including many Money Services Businesses. The bank asked AML RightSource to review alerts and create cases on its behalf as part of its ongoing transaction monitoring program. Due to the bank’s geography and market positioning, it could not identify and retain qualified personnel to perform these tasks. AML RightSource continues to provide ongoing transaction monitoring assistance to this client.